Hills College boarding facilities (Dormitories) are located within the campus, and are within a short walking distance to all College facilities, and are available to both male and female boarders. Designed as motel style accommodation, each unit contains two 4-person rooms, with a shared entrance/kitchenette space and a large wet area containing private cubicles (bath/shower), toilets, and sink/vanities. All students are able to have personal laptops and televisions in their rooms. The dormitories can accommodate over 200 students.

Girls dormitory on the left and boys straight ahead.

Tour group dormitories.

Dormitory supervisors are on-site 24 hours per day, and there are supervised homework and computer classes 3-4 times per week. Cleaning contractors look after all the boarding students’ laundry needs. Bed linen is changed weekly, and personal laundry is done 3 days per week.

Students have regular shopping excursions, and the staff endeavours to provide a range of other excursions for students on weekends. All boarders are permitted access to the College sporting facilities.

Boarders are permitted to stay at the College over the short term breaks, subject to parents and boarding supervisors’ permission.

Home Stay

Students can elect to stay with local families in a homestay situation. Our homestay program will endeavour to provide a safe and supportive service environment for children and young people through:

    • Screening and Blue cards for +18 homestay family members
    • Regular house visits
    • Open-door policies for addressing student or homestay concerns
    • Documented procedures for managing risk.

Homestay at Hills can be short term (study tours), or long term (Hill day students). Long term students are placed individually, and short term students may be paired in a homestay setting.

Host families commit to:

  • Provide a safe, supporting environment
  • Interact and develop a rapport with homestay students
  • Support the student in their academic or sporting activities while at Hills
  • Provide a clean and reasonable environment for their homestay students. This means:
    • A single bed
    • A separate bedroom (long-term), or twin-share (short term), with a separate bed for each student
    • A practical study area (desk, chair, lamp)
    • Access to Internet facilities
    • Access to sufficient quality food and meals
    • Linen and towels
    • A house key (if required)
    • Transport to and from Hills (and extra-curricular activities)
  • Provide guidance and support – particularly during the initial ‘settling in’, when students may still be suffering cultural shock and language problems.
  • Adequate supervision for their homestay
  • Support Hills’ uniform, behaviour, and academic policies
  • Acknowledge and cater for the cultural and social needs of the student
  • Communicate with Hills whenever a situation arises (such as illness, unrest in the homestay family, commending the student’s behaviour).

Students with their homestay families